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Common Questions


How much does a video cost?

We make videos for small businesses and nonprofits that start around $ 400 ( 1-2 minute video with one camera set up; with 5 shots of B Roll and 2 graphics) and all the way higher budget videos depending on your production needs .

Why are the  videos cheap?

Fair question. We put a lot of care and creative energy into every aspect of production, and I know videos can become very expensive. I  want to give my Non profit clients and Small businesses and individuals to create their first video for a low cost and reap some benefits from video marketing. I keep my production costs to minimum by doing most aspects of production by myself. If I need to hire people or extra equipment the costs do go higher up.

What’s the best length for my video?

The easy answer is “shorter is always better”. But in reality, the length of your video depends on your message, and where will you share your video. Complex products may require more time.  That’s why we work with you to decide.

What about feedback and revisions?

As the client, you get final approval throughout every stage of the process – from the script to storyboard, sound design, everything. Once Final product is delivered we cannot make any further changes.

How long does the whole process take?

A typical video takes 6 weeks to produce, from the discovery meeting to the final delivery. However, simpler productions can be completed in 4 weeks.

Can we provide our own script and have you just execute that?

Yes you can provide your scripts but we will make changes depending on the production needs.

Can I be involved in the creative process?

Absolutely. We’re here to work with you. If you want to contribute ideas for the script or visuals, we will involve you like you’re a member of the team. Of course, if you want to stand back and leave everything to us, that works, too. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you.

What types of videos do you offer?

  • Educational/tutorial
  • Interview Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Videos