What is HVEC or H.265 ? The latest on Digital Video Trends

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What is HVEC or H.265 ? Advantages of using H.265

What is the latest digital video editing trend ? Lets discuss one of the formats that is gaining popularity .Recently, I am sure you have come across this new term called HVEC or H.265. What is it? Should you use H.265 instead of H.264?

H.264 a very popular codec, and has made online  digital video content streaming easy. The codec compresses HD videos or movie files into manageable smaller size.These files require smaller storage space, reduce network bandwidth and transmission speed when uploaded on internet. It had the coveted spot for almost a decade.


Along came better cameras with 2k and 4k resolutions. The cameras produced huge file sizes and H.264 just could not do the job of producing high quality video with small file sizes. Thus, High Efficiency Video Coding (HVEC), was introduced into the market. It is the latest video compression standard designed to substantially improve coding efficiency. Efficiency is the key factor here H.265 produces higher quality digital videos and outputs smaller file sizes when compared to H264.


Not yet. H.265 format is not supported by all main stream devices, which makes playing H.265 files impossible on incompatible devices. So yes, we have to wait till the hardware in the market adopts it. VideoLAN is one such software that has adopted this new technology. It currently works only on Windows 10.

If you are not shooting on 4k .I don’t see the need to use H.265 yet. The industry has not adopted it yet, it has to wait for the next expensive migration and overhaul of H.264 hardware, game consoles files etc. So wait it out.

H.265 comes with a high licensing fee and also 10X more computer power.

If you really want to know how it works check out this article at H.264vs H.265- A technical Comparison.

This will be the video editing digital trend that we will need to watch out for. Let me know your thoughts. Checkout my other article on #videoeditingdigitaltrends

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