What are the three most important to know about film school?

Film School is just like any other high school, college, or university. You have boring lectures, homework assignments, and group projects with people that you probably don’t want to work with, but when you’re in film school, you can’t escape groups. When it comes to film school, there are few aspects of it that you will have to assimilate to.

Whether you’re a shy introvert or a controlling extrovert, you probably don’t like working in a group because you have lack of control or  don’t know how to communicate well with others. Well you’re going to have to learn how to communicate. You’re going to meet so many different personalities and attitudes, some may or may not work well with yours, but you’re going to have to learn how to deal because that’s life. Just breathe, listen, and think before you speak.

In some film schools, you will be taking classes that will focus more on the production aspect of film than pre- or post. You may not want to take those classes, but you may not have a choice. Don’t go into those unfavorable classes with a closed mindset. Go into them with an open mind. You may enjoy them and want them as another option. It could be an asset to the career path you have in mind. Become someone that is open to learn the different departments because when it comes to time to go onto set, you will have the knowledge to run any department.

Another lesson is to adapt. One thing about the film industry is that it is always evolving. Sometimes the old ways aren’t the best way. You must evolve your technique and learn new ways of performing tasks. There will always be an updated or new editing software that will have to be learned. Cinematographers are using their iPhones for test shots and recording scenes. Be open to try and create new ways of executing tasks. Don’t be the person that feels “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” It doesn’t have to be broken to be improved.

Film school may seem overwhelming at this point. It can be at some points, but it is also fun and rewarding. You will learn a lot and will meet so many people of various backgrounds. It is a great place for networking and getting a feel of how it will be in the industry. If you take in these three things. Trust me, they will be helpful on your adventure into film school. Remember, communicate well with others, be open to learn, and learn to adapt.

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