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The ultimate guide for Video and filmmakers !! A quick list of gear that you need to have for making great videos . guide for VIDEO MAKING RESOURCES

A lot of people talk about how they cannot do a corporate video or make a short film because they do not have the necessary gear. I always tell them that I am sure that you own some sort of smart phone or a DSLR camera or you know somebody that does. Having more expensive equipment can wait but practice your craft and make videos with the current gear that you own. Recording with expensive equipment does not necessarily make you a better filmmaker. Here is an Ultimate guide for video and Filmmaking Resources for beginning Filmmakers . I have use most of the stuff listed below or I have worked with somebody who has used it.


Everybody talks about how important it is to invest on an expensive camera. I personally feel that when you are starting out avoid this expense. Go ahead and get yourself a decent DSLR camera with Video capabilities with out spending a ton of money.

Canon Rebel T-5bundled with lenses this is a great starter camera. The camera is canon but the gear bag is not entirely canon .If your son or daughter is interested in photography or video and wants to go to a filmmaking school ask them to wait on the school idea. Invest in one of these and ask them to come up with 5 projects in a span of 6 months. They will find out if they really want to pursue a filmmaking degree.

I phones 6 plus as camera – This is good option to have but at the end of the day you will have to spend more money on lenses that will work with your I phone 6 plus. There is not a lot you can do to change the field of view. I personally do not recommend this option because the footage gets very compressed and you need really good lighting to make your videos look professional.

Canon 70 D this is great camera again once you get little more technical. It shoots great images. This does well with fairly low light situations but not too well. It does a lot of grain to the picture if there is not enough light. It does sometimes shut down if it gets too hot which means you have used it for 6-8 hrs straight.

Panasonic GH 4 good 4 k camera  Once you get more technical with all aspects of filmmaking  you can invest in this one.

Once you have got a little more grounded into technical aspects of video and filmmaking invest in one of these Sony A-7’s , PocketCinema Black magic camera and Canon 5d mark 111. These come with a slightly higher price tag and a slightly higher learning curve but it is totally worth it.


Tripod with Fluid Head –  this is a must for all videos . You need one . Tripods helps you in a ton of ways.

Lenses to Buy other that Kit Lens

Canon 50 MM Lens STM lens  This is great lens for doing close ups

10-18 MM ultra wide zoom lens : this is a great addition to your lens kit. This is a great lens for real estate videos . Sharp images with little distortion.

Light Kits 

Camcorder Video Light, LED light for canon Nikon Love this light. portable, light and bright . Good for product videos, weddings and smaller objects

3 Point Lighting Kiteasy to use, very light and portable. This a good starter kit .

5 in one reflectorsA great addition for outdoor lighting . adda a lot of value for you your videos


Audio for filmmaking and video production - How to plan for your first audio setup on a film set www.mothakurta.comAudio Equipment

Zoom Recorders – easy to use, portable and light. This is a absolute must for recording audios. This is more important than investing on a high priced camera. Most DSLR’s cannot record good audio you will need to invest in a separate recorder and a good microphone.

 Lapel Microphone   Plug In wired external mic directly on camera . Lapel mics are excellent when you have somebody moving.

Rode shotgun microphone Attach a shotgun Microphone for getting good audio. This is great option in a controlled environment and the subject is not far away from the camera. This would be the best want to follow since audio gets directly recorded on video


Nice to have gear Once you are comfortable and ready to move on . You will need to experiment with camera movement. Using zoom is not recommended. There are lot of gear that you can add to create smooth, flawless movement. Movement, lens options and good audio will take your videos to the next level.

Mastering steadicams can take a while but you will capture excellent footage. There are three different kinds steadicams that you can find .  There are the stabilizing wheels ( cheaper and not highly effective, Merlin steadicams( these are effective for smaller cameras and DSLR’s) and vertical steadicams ( high price and supports heavier cameras) when shopping for a steadicam make sure that you find the load information that the steadicam can support.That is why when you are purchasing steadicams for DSLR, it is important measure the accurate load for your camera and buy a corresponding stabilizer for that-

Neewer handheld Stabilizer

Flycam HD 3000

Glidecam HD- 2000


You are all set . If you need to get a quick checklist on what to do on the day of the shoot head over to Camera Settings checklist.If you have any specific questions regarding the gear listed here or you would like to share some information about your comment below.If there is one piece of equipment that has made your footage better please list it for me on the comment section. I would like to know.

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