Two young Indian families, the Thakurs and Raos meet to celebrate the birth of Mia. Due to the curiosity of the toddler Jai in baby Mia, and the fabrication of a good astrology match by sycophantic astrologer Palak Paneer, the couples arrange marriage between the children.

Cut to twenty years later. Both families are in dire financial shape. The Thakurs have royal titles but work as servants to their cousins, and the Raos’ TV repair business is failing, but due to years of boasting by Venkatesh and Amarsingh, each family thinks the other is wealthy. They decide that the time for their children to be married is right, believing the other family will bail them out of their financial woes after the marriage. The families are shown to be doing the best they can even though they stretch the truth at times, and this is reflected in their children, who both hide their desire to follow their true calling in life. For Jai this is wrestling, for Mia, art.

The Raos and Thakurs agree to have the children meet in India. This is where the first portion of the movie takes place. When they are together, both families are pretend they are wealthy in hopes of fooling the other family until after the wedding. Both pull off this ruse in their own way. Meera secretly borrowed her rich cousin’s dress, while Yashoda buys an expensive dress, only to return it later. When they return to the Thakur’s ‘home’, Amarsingh welcomes the Raos through the front door of his cousin’s house, while Meera bundles the cousins out the back door. During this meeting, Palak Paneer entrances the couple, explaining how good the Astrology is between the children, in between gorging himself on rich food.

The children do not get along after their first meeting, due to pretending like their parents do, as well as advice from their friends to sabotage the marriage in any way possible. Jai pretends to be more stiff and traditional than he is, while Mia pretends she is cooler, and more aloof than she is. Secretly Jai is a wrestler, and likewise, Mia is an artist. There is an initial physical attraction, but neither will budge. Both do their best to appear unattractive to the other, such as Mia dressing in unflattering clothing and Jai being arrogant and intractable. Jai takes Mia around to show her the sites of his country, while attempting to make her as uncomfortable as possible, by having her eat unpalatable food, ride unruly animals and otherwise attempting to embarrass and frustrate her. Mia takes this all in stride, impressing him. Both Mia and Jai agree they do not like each other and will never marry each other.

The Raos fly back to America, to deal with their business and get a predatory loan from their landlord using their lease as collateral which they could never pay back on their own. At the same time the Thakurs come up with a plan to pay for their part of the wedding, settling on surreptitiously and temporarily ‘borrowing’ the money from their cousins.

Part 2

ext, Jai’s wrestling, and Mia’s art are explained more deeply as well as the friendships between Jai and Ranbir, and Mia and Sandra. Both friends again try to drive a wedge further between Jai and Mia. The parents’ backstory is also explained more deeply, as well as the looming catastrophes for both as the Raos will lose their business and the Thakurs will get thrown out into the street. We also get to see what a fraud Palak Paneer is, and how anything he advises on falls apart. The Thakurs then fly to America to help plan the wedding.

In America, the families plan the wedding. Hoping to impress, they start spending lavishly and are targeted by every stripe of wedding consultant, rental sales people, jewelry merchant, entertainer and caterer, etc. Both couples, wanting to impress the other, pretend money is no object. Behind the scenes though, both couples are overwhelmed by how much the other is spending as if without a care, while Jai and Mia are feeling trapped. While all this planning is going on, the fathers force the kids to spend time together.

This time Mia does everything she can think of to discourage and humiliate Jai so that he will give up, and lose face. She takes him to loud concerts, seedy bars, and skate parks, and anything she can think of to make him leave, but will not take defeat either. Jai see through her ploy and pretends to be the naïve awkward foreigner, but excels at every task she puts in front of him. He wins a fight while pretending to be afraid, skates pretending to be awkward, and dances really well by watching others, all the while pretending he is but an ignorant foreigner. They both realize the other is a faker just like them.

The parents bicker amongst themselves, and blame the other for their problem. Both sets of parents contemplate telling the other that it is a farce, and to stop the spending, but they think once they do, the wedding will be off and they will never recover from their debts. Throughout this, the cooks, and the catering staff gossip about the families and how they have seen this all before.

The parents fight with the children, telling them they must get married and must keep their mouth shut until after the wedding. Ranbir and Sandra (Chandra) come along to help their friends stand up to the parents, but once they meet each other, they fall instantly and comically in love. Ranbir and Sandra (Chandra)’s tune changes literally, referring to Mia and Jai how great they are for each other, but obviously talking about each other. Because of this, Mia and Jai grudgingly agrees to wed, on the condition their parents support them following their respective dreams, in exchange they will get married, but only for only a few months. This revelation intrigues Mia and Jai with each other, as they are much more alike than they thought.

Part 3

Just as the wedding is a go, the Guptas discover the theft of their jewelry, and realize the Thakurs are missing. The Rao’s landlord begins demanding his money, as Venkatesh’s lease stands in the way of his deadline to sell his strip mall. They consult with Palak Paneer about the implications of moving up the wedding and ‘miraculously’ (to avoid being kicked off the literal gravy train) he speaks in astrological nonsense and states a very fortuitous date for marriage just happens to be on the day of the deadline for repaying the loan, and of course the wedding date should be pushed up! Through the course of the movie Palak goes from very thin to quite fat due to eating rich food.

As we approach the finale, then intensity of the actions and the demands of the debtors grows more and more. The stress causes more friction between each couple and resentful remarks between the Raos and Thakurs slip out. Each wife critiques their husband’s profession, foreshadowing the fusion of their fields. This results in Jai and Mia becoming closer, even getting to know each other’s art, but still pretend to dislike each other. While Jai and Mia both pretend they will keep things platonic, their dance rehearsals become more passionate. Their friends of course will be present in the wings displaying over the top passion for one another.

The bad begin to guys close in, with Aṅgūṭhā the landlord getting wind that they may be able to pay their lease after all, which would halt the sale of his strip mall, so he decides to hire some sleazy guys to stop the wedding, while the Guptas recruit some rather polite mercenaries to get their money back. These mercenaries and the Guptas fly to America.

The wedding finale is lavish and large, with many strange guests with all sorts of peculiar looks and mannerisms, lavish costumes and even an elephant. Just as they are about to tie the knot, the priest collapses from saying the full names of the bride and her father over and over, and the bad guys from both landlords bust in, and threaten and antagonize the guests, even going so far as to take the now portly Palak Paneer’s food away from him just as it is served (ironically, this will be palak paneer). The guests, staff and Jai fight back, with Jai and Ranbir showing off their fighting skills, as they are supported by their female counterparts. Mia falls for Jai, and Jai for Mia, realizing they are a great team and both fierce as tigers.

The hall is wrecked, the police are called in, and the lies of the families get exposed, but Mia and Jai are in love. As the police take away the debtors and men they are escorted out of the hall, both families realize how alike they really are, the fathers apologize for lying to one another. The entire wedding party ends up at Subway or an otherwise similar fast food joint in a strip mall getting sandwiches and sodas. The bride puts her hand on the groom’s bruised and bandaged hand when he goes to get a soda. At this moment, the mothers have a eureka moment to create a fast food Indian restaurant, using both fathers’ skills, joining the families.

Palak Paneer walks away, distraught that his free ride has come to an end. As he throws away the charts for Mia and Jai, he realizes he had the charts backwards/upside down the entire time and they are actually a perfect match, and that maybe he is a real astrology after all.

Credit sequence should show the spread of their restaurant chain franchise, the success of the family and the building of a family dynasty, and Jai and Mia using their respective arts.