A simple and easy way to understand how microphones work

Quick and 7 easy tips to follow before your video shoot! How do Microphones work !They are simple! Video and Film shoots will be super easy!! #tipsvideoshoot #filmmaking

How Does a Microphone Work

Film Enthusiasts and friends, if you are having a hard time understanding the different types of microphones  I can totally understand.

I had no clue when I was on set either thankfully I took care of production and not sound.On several occasions I stayed clear off the audio department. All I knew was that I am not supposed to touch the equipment.The only reason I learnt all about microphones was when I asked to teach my first audio class . Wham!! Back to 5th grade sound chapter!! It took a while but I fell in love with microphones.It was super hard when you have no basics to fall back on.

Microphone Series: # 1

My video students are very apprehensive, they show very little enthusiasm for the audio equipment but they would jump all over the camera gear. As I took more audio classes I understood familiarity and practice of the knowledge makes you more comfortable with understanding new equipment. As I got familiar with the equipment I realized why sound plays a very important role. Through trail error and practice I have learnt how to break down the world of audio for my video students. There is lot of information out there and it is overwhelming . I pick and choose the information that we need to know.

I do agree with my peers  though when they pointed out that on a film set Audio is always treated as the step child.

Microphones are amazing inventions which creates our sound space. Selecting the right microphone for the right filming situation can be a daunting task but can be done when we can dig into some of the basics.Knowing  why certain microphone behaves in a certain way will help you immensely to get the job done right! Here are a series of videos explains the WHY?

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