Tips- How does Polar patterns and Microphones work together

Boom Mic/ Polar patterns
Hello all- Audio is a different beast than camera . It is subtle and unique at the same time . The microphone’s- position , distance from source, make and angle  can get your video to the next level. Never underestimate the power of the Sound department. Well now we have a little more understanding what microphones are all about. You must have come across  the word pick up pattern or polar pattern. These polar patterns are unique to each mic sometimes  . In the last video you became aware of the different kinds of microphones like dynamic versus condenser and how they are made. In this video we will dig into the polar patters or often called pick up patterns and how they should influence our decision on a film set. Once you understand how the polar patterns work  it will be very easy to remember why we different microphones and not just a handheld microphone for all situations.The video discusses the most popular polar patterns and does not cover various off shoots that exists out there. If you are interested send me an email and I will be happy to cover it in another email.
In the classroom my video students would always dread learning about audio because they thought that was not their job. But when you are a indie filmmaker doing multiple jobs becomes important and sometimes you will end up capturing sound.

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