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Minority Participation in Georgia Film Industry


“ We want jobs for Georgians. Where people can begin to cut their costs…” said  Mable Thomas she is the chair of the of the house study committee on Georgia Minority participation in the Film and Television industry. A house Committee  started in September 2016 to study of minority participation in the movie industry.

Lawmakers in New York are doing the same they are moving forward with a bill that will encourage television companies to hire more diverse writers in order to bring about more quality diversified characters. Research shows that when we have more diverse population working behind the scenes on projects it is good for everyone. There is better onscreen representation. The big question is Why we need to have a diversified population on the film and Television sets in America?

I moved to United States,16 years ago from India and stared my MFA at Georgia State University. The best part about College here was the diversity in the population. My close friends in college were from Brazil, Senegal, Columbia and United States. I loved the seamless integration of different cultures. In the work arena somehow this diversity dissipated very fast.

Watching TV in the first few years appalled me that most commercials were ads representing pharmaceuticals or insurance companies. This struck me as odd I came from the Bollywood background where commercials are extremely melodramatic and does not represent Indian reality.  TV programs here in United States did not have any of that diversity either that I met in the everyday life.  Similar to Bollywood, America TV and film Industry is an extreme unrealistic representation of the current society. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV anymore I don’t think it ever addresses to me.

Why is minority participation required in Film And Television #georgiafilmindustry #Atlantafilms

The need for Minority Participation

The media industry has profound impact on our culture. A strong push is required to have the diversity bill in place so that it closely resembles its viewers. United States greatest asset is its diversity and ignoring that in the Hollywood of south is a total no brainer. A simple addition of 5 to 7 percent on the budget both in crew and on screen representation means more balanced stories onscreen. There is a lot to gain for the states as well ; more crew who is underrepresented traditionally will get jobs that means better living standards for them. It will represent the more diverse viewers who are in turn are the voters , and a better understanding of cultures.

Currently, In Georgia there are no incentives for having diversity representation in the films or in the crew. If Georgia film industry has to survive and continue on the path of success this study about minority participation needs to be a law. The Oz magazine published “ The future of Atlanta’s film and television industry—for people of color, women, and others—is bright. But industry insiders cite two key necessities to keep it that way: 1) the tax incentive must stay; 2) locals to  train in skills that are be used in production and post-production.”


If you think that you have worked on very diverse sets tell me about your experience. Do you think this bill needs to be a law? lets discuss .

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