Main Characters

Main Characters- Marrying Sideways

Jai (Jaikashen) Thakur; The son of the Raja Parents. A brave and upstanding young man, he has not told his parents his aspirations to be a professional wrestler, as they would not approve.

Pilavullakandi Thekkaparambil ‘Mia’ Mrinalini Rao; A fairly Americanized and faux rebellious artist and dancer who loves music. A free spirit, who still deeply loves & respects her parents.

Palaghat Kolungode Vishwnatha Narayanaswamy Venkatesh Rao; Mia’s father and the owner of failing TV repair shops. He cannot bear to be found out as being a failure in life.

Yashoda Rao; Mia’s mother, who always finds a way to stretch a dollar, even if she has to bend the rules to do so.

Amarsingh Thakur; Jai’s father. A lowly overworked cook with a royal title but no money who is working for a rich noble, while dreaming of an easy life.

Meera Thakur; Jai’s mother, a long suffering, but very intelligent woman who works as a maid for her husband’s cousins as well. She hatches the plan to pretend they are rich.

Ranbir; Jai’s best friend and sparring partner who is against the marriage as he believes it would interfere with Jai’s training.

Sandra (Chandra); An American Indian girl and the best friend of Mia. She thinks Jai is a rube and seeks to sabotage the wedding.

Hiran & Zara Gupta; Amarsingh’s demanding and controlling cousins whom they work for and from whom they temporarily ‘borrow’ some money from for the wedding.

Aṅgūṭhā; Venkatesh’s sleazy landlord wants him out of his lease so he can sell the strip mall. He tries to trap Venkatesh in a loan with the lease as collateral.

Palak Paneer; A strange eccentric astrology who has the best intentions, for himself.