How do you choose a better screenplay?

how to choose a superior screenplay !quick and easy tips to follow ! Produce a great film without breaking the bank! # videoproduction #studentfilms

Superior Screenplay for your short film

This series on the blog is created to a specific student body .The students that I want to address are the ones who have little to no budget but are passionate about film-making. These students are not in AFI or other expensive film schools but has a passion for storytelling and film-making.When you are a beginning filmmaker its extremely difficult to figure out how to choose a superior screenplay. And of course this comes with practice . Experience in the classroom and in the field has taught me few pitfalls to avoid. Zombie films, sci-fi thrillers on student budgets do not work. But some films that work very well are character driven stories, few locations, few characters . One of the films that does it very well is created by one of my former student Jacob Allinson.

We have tested these methods in the classroom environment. The students enjoy getting into the grind of understanding characters and how do screenplays and characters work together. .When do you need the twist and the turns and why certain elements make certain scripts better than others.Follow these simple and easy tips and get your script to the next stage.

Here are a list of questions that you need to answer when you are dealing with a screenplay.(As described in the video below as Homework)

  1. Briefly describe the “spine” for your short film
  1. “Whose film” is this? – i.e. in which character does the viewer have the most emotional investment? What does he have to lose?
  1. What is this character’s “spine/ Objective?”
  2. What is Circumstance? Principal Character, briefly describe his or her “circumstance” in this film.
  3. List one of the Antagonist in the film? What does the antagonist want?
  4.  Describe at least one action of the protagonist and one action of antagonist.




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