Impossible List

Every week, I try to write down three things that I need to accomplish during the week to grow my online business . This helps me stay focused and to achieve the necessary goals. Sharing this online also make me somewhat accountable towards this journey.

To keep me on my toes, working on my most important goals, I’ve created my own Impossible list. I got the idea from Phil Ebiner . I chose to do the impossible list so that I can keep updating and tweaking my goals on all fronts and stay focused through this journey. I also want to share all my achievements and failures with everybody out there because I am sure there are lot of people out there who are on similar paths . Tim Ferris author of Four Week also discusses this idea of accountability and goal oriented focus points.

While some of these goals are very personal, I’ve always felt that transparency and accountability are a keys to success in all fronts.

Professional Goals : Create 20 Online Courses

Create 6 online courses in 2017

Completing Short Film course 3 different courses (January 2017)

Traveling in Europe (February 2017)

Sound basics (March 2017)

Editing Philosophy for Films (March 2017)

Editing Basics on (April 2017)

Creating camps For Kids (Jan 2017)

Importance of College Education ( September 2017)

Make $1,000 in a single month from one of the courses (August 2017)

Create (2017)

Earn $1,000 My Film camp website (2017)

Create Youtube channel MyFilmCamp ( 2017)


Write a book about the online journey (December 2017)

Creative Goals

Make a short documentary ( 2017)

Create a Short Film ( 2017)

Health Goals

Run a Half marathon (April 2017)

Run a Full marathon ( October 2017)

Travel Goals

Visit Machu Picchu

Go on a U.S.A. road trip

Study abroad in Europe

Go on a Camping Trip

Personal Goals

Workout everyday except Sundays

Become fluent in another language

Meditate every morning before I start work.

Read 36 books in 2017.

Parenting / Family Goals :

Play a board game every week.

Be a better listener to my children and husband.

Learn to calm yourself down before disciplining kids.