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Field  Mixers for Video

Hello friends welcome Part # 5 of the Microphone lecture series – How to work with Field mixers for Video. to Students have always been confused as to why and when do we need to use field mixers.Most of the my film students are unable to afford one or even if they  would get one from the school rent house they would avoid one. I have seen most of the times the students were not sure how to use them and why we need to use them. Actually,  field mixers are simple to use and their primary job is their ability to connect  multiple microphone inputs and volume control of those individual microphones. So they do make our jobs way easier. But sometimes it might be one more thing to carry so if you do not have multiple actors and fairly easy audio setup you can avoid the field mixers.

So when you are on a student or low budget film shoot my advise is always have back up audio. You cannot always rely on the microphone that is feeding the camera. Consider buying a Zoom H6 recorders. These recorders are extremely easy to use. If you are unable to use the latest one use one of the older models and they are as good and they will do a excellent job. Make sure you are listening and you should be in good shape. Audio is extremely important to video so take the time to find out what is required to make your filming go smooth. Audience will be okay with few out of focus shots as long as the content is interesting . If you have bad audio they will surely move on to the next thing.

Stay tuned for the the next blog on Production series! I will discuss volume control and what will be few good numbers to look out for when capturing audio.


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