How to get your First Job in Georgia’s Film and Television Industry

How can we get more of our home grown graduates to get a job in Georgia's Movie Industry.#FilmProduction#georgiafilm#atlantafilmindustry

First Job in Georgia’s Film and Television Industry

According to bizjournals : Georgia’s film and TV industry is now third in the nation, behind only California and New York.

There are multiple articles that have great stories on how the Atlanta film market is growing and it is easy to find a job in the industry. This is not necessarily true. All the Crew Members are not necessarily hired from the Georgia Film market. If you do not have the right skill set and the right job you may not be hired in the industry. Some jobs are more in demand than other

Associate Producers

Location managers

Production Assistants

Grip and Rigging

Construction and Painting

If you have a quick look at the various job boards like Glassdoor, ChooseAtl,Indeed, Staffmeup and other job boards you will realize that there are very few job listings regarding the industry. The jobs after the first few listings are videographers and editors required in the Georgia corporate industry. Check out the website to check out the listings but again there is not much happening here either when it comes to a job. If you have industry credits you can list yourself with REEL CREW ONLINE PRODUCTIONS


So yes Atlanta is into Movie productions and there is a lot of money that is coming in and everybody is talking about movie productions but how do you land up with a job in the movie business? I reached out to my alumni to find out who is really working in the film industry. Out of the 200 plus graduates in the last few years I heard back from one of them saying that she is in the Film industry as an AD. Why didn’t more of them pursue what they were passionate about?


So what stands true is its still a very word of mouth business. The few things that you can do to get yourself geared for the market. But when you are fresh out of school how do you get started?


Work for Free | Intern: I know most of us don’t like this part and we have debts to pay but due to various reasons, insurance reasons etc the movie industry cannot hire you right away. They kind of need to know how one handles high paced job situations? Are you okay to stand on the side of the road stopping traffic for a full 8 hr day? Can you stand outside the actors trailer for 8 hrs rain or shine?


Working in the Production Office: Sometimes working as an office runner can help you to learn a ton before you get on the set. This is where you make copies, phone calls, help associates and producers to get the job done. You learn a lot – its more than copying and printing.


Networking with the right Group of people Find events and meet ups where you can meet up with people who work in the industry. Do at least 1-3 networking even a month because they might not always lead to the right opportunity. In these network events, have business card, talk and ask if you can come on the set. There is no harm in asking. What will be the worst thing that can happen? They will say NO.


Get into Facebook Groups and Forums like Film Atlanta Production, Atlanta Film Community, Atlanta Film Industry and Film Atlanta, Georgia Film and TV production Professionals. Forums Like City data and Production hub can help you to get some insights . Once you join the group introduce yourself and please ask can about internships on the set | production office | post-production studio?



Checkout this article by Adweek about Georgia’s Tv and Film Industry and everything looks very positive. Incentives are here to stay and the Television and film industry will continue to grow. It will be great if we can have more of our homegrown graduates to working in the industry full time.


I would really like to know how you got your first job in the industry? Write on the comment section below !

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