How to create a Video for Non Profits- A step by step guide

A step By step guide- Create your First Video

 Choosing Video topic  :

Do not try to fit everything in.

Create separate videos for separate topics:  Products; testimonials, training, tutorials , product reviews, about us stories, interviews and many more .

The process is not difficult once you brainstorm and figure out your urgent needs .

Keep the length of each idea 1-3 minutes in length.

You need to come up with with a story idea.
Narrow it down to product review, testimonial, promotional video  interview etc.
Your Script should answer these three questions– WHAT ( products)  WHERE ( location) and HOW to get in touch.

Write a basic 2 column script
Audio in column 1 and video on Column 2.  E.g Audio| Meet Jane owner of Video| pic of Jane. I will post some links at the bottom of the page.
Insert CALL TO ACTION – What do yo want your audience to do Buy? Sign up ?

End the video with Contact Information for your Website and Social Media.

I will break down the corporate manual in 5 days for you to follow :


Most corporate videos become boring after the first few minutes or so because its a talking head video who is not an  actor. But there are lots of ways one can make a fun video project which converts:
Share Experiences and involve other people in the process!
Create Engagement ! 
Avoid Stereotypes!


I know it is important for you to talk about your product but your viewers will be more interested when you have told me a personal story about the the product. Recently I visited a an event held by the an amazing organization that does meaningful art work with cancer patients.
They had a tonne of jewelry products and each of them were unique in its make. What stood out was the story behind each one of these products . Each bracelet had a name and there was a story and who and how they were  were created.
I loved the fact that it was more than just a bracelet.
Check out one of their products and the story behind them


Opening Graphic or Logo
Announcer : Introduce your story
Pictures: Close up videos of Product in use.
Announcer/ Voice over: Gives background about your product and why your product is unique.
Product Features


Buy Today or sign up today
End with website information and Contact Information.

Links to various two column scripts :    Commercial written in two column script format |