How to choose the right audio Accessory – Part 4

Audio accessories like microphones are a necessity. You cannot forget them on a shoot . This video tells you what audio accessories you need to carry.
Hello film enthusiasts, this is part #4 of the microphone series we will be covering the importance of audio accessories . Microphones and boom poles are certainly important and is a must have in your audio kit. But along with the microphones, choosing the right audio accessory for the right filming situation is extremely important. There are  tons of things out there and from my teaching experience I know my students would always forget some of the most important equipment that is required for a smooth film day. Often they would forget XLR cables, connectors, shock mounts, headphones . This resulted in some terrible outcomes. Lets go though some of the essential gear that we need to carry in our audio kit and why we need them .
Wind filters and shock-mounts can save the day.  But audio accessories like  sound blankets and rubber bands will make it a smooth filming day. Most microphones will come with their own set of wind filters but you will need to carry multiple stringers and batteries. On a student fish shoot you don’t quite know how things will turn out. Preparation is key and its all the more necessary that you have the right accessories for the situation.
I think a lot of the times when the why is explained its easier to remember to pick up the right equipment!!


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