How can small businesses create content on a dime?

You may not be a big company like  Coca-Cola or Apple, but you can create great videos like they do without needing a big production budget. Here are some helpful tips on how to create great videos without having a great budget.

Creating videos explaining  products or services can help the audience understand the product. You can create an individual video per product or service that the business provides. When you do that, you will always have a video to post. “How-To” videos are becoming increasingly popular. Depending on your business, you can create a lot of those. When each video focus on a certain item, it can become even more searchable when a viewer is looking for that one video.

  Posting on Social Media Platforms is free. It helps gets the word out and the more you post, the more your videos will be on the Discover page or the Suggested Video post. If you read Forbes article titled,  7 Tricks To Produce Content On A Super Low Budget, you will see that attracting user submitted videos can lighten the load  for those moments when you are stuck in a rut of trying to figure out what to post next. You can ask your viewers to send in testimonial videos of how they like a certain product or service.

  The equipment you use doesn’t have to be expensive. The camera could be anything as long as it can at least shoot in High Definition. Even though videos are now being shot in 4K, HD is still around and it  looks good. Smartphones have the ability to shoot in 4K now, so a smartphone can always become an option. The editing software that you use doesn’t have to be Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro. They are a good investment for the future, but for right now iMovie is just as good. It also has a mobile app, so if you create a video from your iPhone, which shoot in great quality, you could easily edit and upload it. The video doesn’t have to look magical in order to captivate people. As long as it have a clear message and tone, it will be great.

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