The Future of Video Editing is Changing Rapidly

The future of video Editing is changing rapidly #futureofediting #videoediting |

The Future of Video Editing is Changing Rapidly

I came across an interview by Putin on Verge regarding Artificial Intelligence he thinks ‘the country that will be the next world  leader in AI will be ruling the world’ and another article quotes Elon Musk  ‘that AI will contribute to World War 3’.This made me realize that the world of automated Video Editing is already here. There are lots of softwares and apps that can put a sequence together in very little time. I am not opposed to change and technology but the automation of video editing  does make me very uncomfortable. When Final Cut X started my students would come up with fancy title sequences and templates that would set up the edit expectations way beyond their capabilities and I would soon realize the content and the story is completely missing.

As video becomes the next sought after thing and it is the hot job market thus creating a lot of unrestricted  competition. Companies hire workers from far east who is ready to work for fraction of the cost with stock images and several apps who can put flashy montages in no time. New technology is sold as time saving , efficient software’s that can replace the human skilled workers that will cut down costs for the company. The future for freelance video editors does look bleak and hard.

There is no point in resisting to this change and technology and this is going to happen. Last week I got an email from Apple stating that I will not be able to use Final cut 7 anymore.


The future of Editing is changing rapidly#VideoEditing #future |



I am not going to rant  lets kill this new technology and how we are no longer  going to be story editors but will become tool editors. Let the tool not define who we are as editors let the story and the product tell us who we are.

Some things have changed in the video editing industry and what can we do as editors to make sure that we still have work as freelancers:

  1. Video content has skyrocketed but budgets have not necessarily. Video Editors need to learn new technologies and this should happen every year. Keep abreast of new technology.
  2. Tools have become better but that does not put a dent on your story telling capabilities. Use and learn the tool to tell better stories.
  3. Video making needs to change as out world around us is changing. We don’t need huge budgets and complicated setups. Quick content video set ups should be easy and simple and so should be the edit. Make story your focus and the flashy cuts and transitions will follow. They should not take away from the story
  4. Scale your learning to accept different formats and methods of workflow and newer distribution channels like mobile friendly and you tube ready.
  5. Keep good relationships with your clients and join networking groups on meet up.

The last two decades has changed fast with the onset of I phone and Digital technologies. It is important that we accept the change, adopt early and learn from it. Become Creative engineers versus tool pushers.

I will be happy to hear your comments and what can we do to embrace the change in the world of freelance Video Editors  .

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