Find 9 ways to successfully promote your short Film. Read this article before you start filming. Various tips and tricks are suggested for no extra cost . #FilmFestival #shortfilmpromotion

Find 9 ways to successfully market your short Film

You have worked really hard and finished making your first short film. Now what? Other than having viewing sessions for your friends and family how do you promote it ? Some mistakes that I made when I made my short film. I did not promote it other that few short film festival here and there. I realized actually most short film makers forget that making the film is the easy part but promotion is where the real struggle begins. Here are some things that you can do to create a buzz about  films and  successfully promote short films . If you serious about your upcoming film I would say start tips 1-3 before you start filming.

Find 9 ways to successfully promote your Short Film:

  1. Create a website that best represents your short film: It is very easy to create websites now a days. There are lots of tutorials on you tube and you can  a create simple website. This website can also be a place to have your trailer and information about your film. Get your cast and crew to help to generate traffic. Also create a blog and make it interactive by asking questions and starting discussions. make sure that you choose a design that is close to your film and be simple with the information. Use Buzz feed and to generate more views


  1. Get Email addresses create forms Capture email addresses on websites using email forms to generate an email list. You can do this by using a call to action form or with RSS feed. You can give your fans updates about what is happening with your film promotion.


  1. Social Networking Don’t forget to create a Facebook page and Twitter fan page and tell friend and family to like and share your page. Harness that crew. Ask them to share and promote. Even with 8-10 people sharing will create at least 1000 impressions. Create active fans and ask questions and create a discussion.


  1. Vimeo or You tube: If you are planning to launch the film on your own .My advise would be to upload it on early on Vimeo and then use one of the sites like shortoftheweek to publish it. Keep talking about the film for the rest of the week. Make sure that the cast and the crew is actively engaging in their own social networking site and is following and talking about it in the Facebook and Twitter page. Your Vimeo should link to your film website and that in turn should link to your Facebook page.


  1. Target Key thought leaders in the short film Industry: Email a few major blogs and sites that share interest in filmmaking technique, equipment, and craft of filmmaking. Do a well-designed email with a high quality image with a short description of the film and a short blurb about the filmmaker.

Find 9 ways to successfully promote your short Film. Read this article before you start filming. Various tips and tricks are suggested for no extra cost . #FilmFestival #shortfilmpromotion


  1. Submit to film festivals the best site for finding and submitting to film festivals is They have a huge listing of all the current festivals and this can range from 0 -100 dollars in fees. If you get accepted create an event on Facebook lets your friends ,family and fans know that you will be at the event to talk and promote your film.


  1. You cant afford all the submission fees and other website fees try starting campaign about promoting the film. Again ask your Twitter fans and Facebook followers to donate and help you out.


8.Get in touch with local Universities Get in touch with local universities and ask for their Video department and ask if you could showcase your film             to a video class and talk about the film and give some behind the scene anecdotes and production ideas. Also share your Facebook page and website to get in touch with you regarding future                           projects.


  1. Submit to Online Film sites This is another good way to promote your film. There are lots of website now a days that help you to promote your short film. Amazon has also started something similar where you can promote your short film.Sites:,

Congratulations! Don’t forget to add your film website at the end of the credits .Now you have it all the various ways that you can promote your short film. All thought leaders in the industry point towards making a successful web presence is the best way to get industry and distribution folks interested your film and about you. This is extremely hard to accomplish. It is almost better to hire few people to do this for you but I know student short film does not necessarily have the funds or the time. I would when you are getting your production crew together get a student web and graphics designer be a part of the crew as well.








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