Mohua Thakurta ( Director/ Filmmaker/ Producer)

Born in small town in India, Mohua Thakurta was predisposed to a life of adventure. Born to a middleclass family there was no time for storytelling as daily activities took precedence. This very humble, sleepy, patriarchal town in India made her work towards something better. She moved to Mumbai after graduating in Economics and Public Administration from Hyderabad, India. To avoid marriage and other family oriented stuff she moved to Mumbai and stumbled upon in a career in Films and TV. She did a Diploma in communications and this opened a lot of avenues. Mo was exposed to finer things in life art and films. She fell in love as the classes taught her to create statements through films, stand up for rights and made her aware that rights matter. ‘Hiroshima mon Amour , Kurusawa, Satyajit Ray left permanent mark on her.

Mohua (Mo) kicked off her career as a production assistant in Bollywood, Mumbai, India in 1998. Initially a production runner she worked her way up to became an assistant director in the Indian Film and television Industry. Mo, worked on long running television shows and commercials before landing a job in the film Industry as an assistant director. She worked with award winning directors like Asif Kapdia on Warrior and Gurinder Chadda on Pride and Prejudice. Mo moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2001 where she received a Masters degree in Fine Arts( MFA) in digital filmmaking from Georgia State University. Her short film X and Y received UFVA Free speech award.

She worked as an adjunct faculty at the Art Institute of Atlanta and mentored students in producing their short films. Get Mo talking about books and running and she will not stop. She‘ll probably tell you about her love for Murakami, Chimamanda Adichie and traveling through Europe with her little kids. She will also convince you as to why ambience and visuals are so central to storytelling and why a touch of hot sauce makes everything delicious. Mo lives with her family in Atlanta and freelances. Previously Mo has directed two short films and worked on several others in various capacities. Currently Mo is working on creating filmmaking camps for kids and short films for small business owners. She is also working with Art Opportunity Knocks to create film camps for girls to empower young minds with the power of story telling.


Tim Mcgrehen ( Writer / Producer )

Tim McGahren is a humorist, stand up comedian, screen writer and inventor/creator living in Atlanta Georgia, USA. He has been making up stories since he was a little child, and still enjoys making up stories for children and families.His writing is mainly comedic, but also includes science fiction, action, emotional narratives and horror. Presently he is working on a short film for Fantastic Fest and one of his recent scripts ‘The Bike’ will be included in an anthology film for kids.


Anitha Vadavatha ( Producer)

Over 15 years of professional and leadership experience across multiple industries in USA and Asia – including technology, financial services, and non-profit verticals in startup, corporate and consulting environments. An advisor and mentor for startups in biotech, digital health, AI, space areas. Deep understanding and knowledge on exponential technologies, emerging markets, exponential technologies, innovation, international affairs & smart cities.

Proven track record designing and developing impactful, growth driven solutions to establish new channels, products & services in local and emerging markets. Extensive knowledge and expertise in strategy, start-up development & operations, new product & market development, organizational design, business process engineering and innovation development.