Do you need to add VR to your Videos?

What is VR? Do you need to add it to your Videos? #VR #virtualReality #digitalvideotrend |


What is VR? Do you need to add VR to your Videos?

VR or virtual reality or #360 is the next #digitalvideotrend that is taking over the video industry. Virtual Reality like the Go Pro cameras is changing the entertainment world. It is accessible and affordable.

What is VR?

VR or #360 videos are special videos which records the entire spherical vision, every possible angle that would be there if you were there when the video was shot. You cannot touch things but you can turn left, right, back and around. Virtual reality is changing how viewer see things. The point of view of your viewer is no longer restricted to a single point of view at one point of time. It is multiple degrees of POV’s you can experience at the same time.

In this global world as all information gets shared, so will  the VR video content. This is huge. Your experiences can be somebody else’s moments in time. Anybody can be a participant. It grabs attention immediately. VR and Information have similar attributes.

How to shoot a #360 Video?

You need to have the right camera. There are multiple cameras that came out in the market in the last few years that does the job:

360 Fly K

Ricoh Theta SC

Kodak PixPro SP360

Samsung Gear 360 (You need the right phone)

VR editing is a different beast altogether. Camera is not the only thing you need. You need editing software’s that support 360 editing. Premiere Pro, GoPro’s Kolor, Virb Edit( free software) and variety of softwares can help you with the process.

How to watch a VR Video:

You need a browser that can support 360 videos,  Firefox , Chrome they all support 360 videos . Try to click and drag your mouse around to see all around. Use your smart phone move it around and can get a 360 experience.

What is VR? Do you need to add it to your Videos? #VR #Virtual Reality #DigitalVideoTrend|

Do you need to shoot your Videos in VR?

You need to run some tests with camera, editing and watching options. A big question is Does it align with your video needs? Story comes first everything else is a tool. Make sure that it does not hurt you by giving the extra dimensions; make sure VR is adding value and is not a distraction.

I think best the way to find out will be if you need your audience to have an immersive experience or an engaged experience. In my mind immersive experience is the a full detailed overview .An experience where the viewer can get a frontal view, a side view, top view and a 360 view. This is great for retail; product videos, real estate where you want to be in control of what you are buying. In political campaigns and celebrations like birthdays and weddings where you can turn around , turn sideways and immerse yourself feel the flowers falling on you. In these experiences, viewer is in control, they own their point of view and they are the protagonist of the story and are able to make decisions.

When it comes to narrative story telling, VR is not yet there . Movies, short films, documentaries are created with an engaged audience in mind. The director is the story- teller . The director tells you the story it is her experience. The viewer is not in control.

So decide for yourself, play around and see if it the right tool to use for your videos. Check out these other articles which gives an indepth understanding of VR.

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