Quick checklist before you hit the record button on your camera

Quick and 7 easy tips to follow before your video shoot! They are simple! Video and Film shoots will be super easy!! #tipsvideoshoot #filmmaking

Awesome Tips for your video Shoot that cost no Money

Quick checklist before you hit the Record Button

Student filmmakers would often come back after a shoot saying that they have had a great shoot. The best interview; great lighting etc but when it came to the footage viewing session I soon could not stop commenting because several setting were completely off like white balance.

They had forgotten to check their camera checklist setting and shot everything either on wrong format or wrong frame rate.   I totally understand during video shoots time plays a huge factor. But there are few things that is  a necessity that you need to accomplish otherwise its waste of a time for everybody. Most of the times they would have to go back and reshoot or drop the class because they lost their mojo. This video is a quick checklist for all my student filmmakers and film enthusiasts who are in a class or doing their own thing :

 Few reminders before you shoot:

Follow the steps laid out in the video . The checklist reminds you of the process that you need to follow before you hit the record button. You already know all the steps .There are lots of benefits to this you will have a great video and will appear as a professional to your amazing crew and cast!!.

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What else do you think that our filmmaking students need to know?


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