How to work with Field Mixers for Video

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My Film camp/ Field Mixers

Field  Mixers for Video Hello friends welcome Part # 5 of the Microphone lecture series – How to work with Field mixers for Video. to Students have always been confused as to why and when do we need to use field mixers.Most of the my film students are unable to afford one or even if they  would […]

How to choose the right audio Accessory – Part 4

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Audio accessories like microphones are a necessity. You cannot forget them on a shoot . This video tells you what audio accessories you need to carry.

Hello film enthusiasts, this is part #4 of the microphone series we will be covering the importance of audio accessories . Microphones and boom poles are certainly important and is a must have in your audio kit. But along with the microphones, choosing the right audio accessory for the right filming situation is extremely important. There […]

Microphones Part -3

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Mo thakurta/ Film camp

Lets dig in into the next set of  the issues that one can come across when dealing with different microphones. Like everything else in this world every microphones has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.We just always have to find the right balance!! As always my motto – when recording sound signal  the source of […]

A simple and easy way to understand how microphones work

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Quick and 7 easy tips to follow before your video shoot! How do Microphones work !They are simple! Video and Film shoots will be super easy!! #tipsvideoshoot #filmmaking

How Does a Microphone Work Film Enthusiasts and friends, if you are having a hard time understanding the different types of microphones  I can totally understand. I had no clue when I was on set either thankfully I took care of production and not sound.On several occasions I stayed clear off the audio department. All I knew […]