Do you need to add VR to your Videos?

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What is VR? Do you need to add it to your Videos? #VR #virtualReality #digitalvideotrend |

  What is VR? Do you need to add VR to your Videos? VR or virtual reality or #360 is the next #digitalvideotrend that is taking over the video industry. Virtual Reality like the Go Pro cameras is changing the entertainment world. It is accessible and affordable. What is VR? VR or #360 videos are […]

The Future of Video Editing is Changing Rapidly

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The future of video Editing is changing rapidly #futureofediting #videoediting |

The Future of Video Editing is Changing Rapidly I came across an interview by Putin on Verge regarding Artificial Intelligence he thinks ‘the country that will be the next world  leader in AI will be ruling the world’ and another article quotes Elon Musk  ‘that AI will contribute to World War 3’.This made me realize that […]

9 Lessons for Beginning Filmmakers

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9 Lessons for beginning Filmmakers / #beginningFilmmakers #Filmset

9 Lessons for Beginning Filmmakers These are some of the lessons that I have learnt on being the set and some I learnt from my students. When you are on various film sets, observe and learn from other crew members how they navigate on the set. You can learn a lot from yours and others […]

Minority Participation in Georgia Film Industry

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Why do we need minority participation in the georgia film industry #georgiafilmindustry #Atlantafilms

  “ We want jobs for Georgians. Where people can begin to cut their costs…” said  Mable Thomas she is the chair of the of the house study committee on Georgia Minority participation in the Film and Television industry. A house Committee  started in September 2016 to study of minority participation in the movie industry. Lawmakers […]

How no one tells you the truth about the Georgia Movie Industry

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How can we get more of our home grown graduates to get a job in Georgia's Movie Industry.#FilmProduction#georgiafilm#atlantafilmindustry

Georgia’s Movie Industry According to Adweek Georgia’s film and TV industry is now third in the nation,behind only California and New York. There are multiple articles that have great stories on how Georgia’s Movie Industry  is growing and it is easy to find a job in the industry. This is not necessarily true. All the Crew […]

Find 9 ways to successfully market your short Film

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Find 9 ways to successfully promote your short Film. Read this article before you start filming. Various tips and tricks are suggested for no extra cost . #FilmFestival #shortfilmpromotion

You have worked really hard and finished making your first short film. Now what? Other than having viewing sessions for your friends and family how do you promote it ? Some mistakes that I made when I made my short film. I did not promote it other that few short film festival here and there. […]

How do you choose a better screenplay?

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how to choose a superior screenplay !quick and easy tips to follow ! Produce a great film without breaking the bank! # videoproduction #studentfilms

Superior Screenplay for your short film This series on the blog is created to a specific student body .The students that I want to address are the ones who have little to no budget but are passionate about film-making. These students are not in AFI or other expensive film schools but has a passion for […]