After School Programme

Make Your Own Short Film

I will work with your rising movie maker in this After School Video Program. Students will write or choose a script (online or existing one) and star in their own video and learn all about making videos on their own. They will choose a script and then break it down to get shots, select and direct actors, use professional cameras to create shots and industry standard editing programmes to learn the basics of editing. Your rising filmmaker will learn how to make a movie and each one of them will have their own short film at the end of the 10 weeks.
All of the above videos may be entered into the ‘Kids International Student-Made Video Festival’ and receive awards for outstanding achievements.

Age Group – 11 to 13 Year olds

Length of the Programe – 10 -12 Week Program ; 2 Hours – Two times a Week

Course Dates: 25t h Jan to April 10th .(Flexible)

Minimum – 4 students and a Max of 12 students.

Location – Atlanta, Ga

Students will have learn:

  • Creativity and Team building
  • Storytelling
  • Basic Camera Skills
  • Media Management
  • Basic Editing Skills
  • Publishing online the Final Video.

Film festival will be open to all parents and students at end of the programme. They will also create their own channel to upload and brand their own You Tube channels.
A detailed curriculum will be posted online and will be handed out on the first day of the class .

The class will be taught by industry professionals and accomplished university instructors.

For more information please contact us at: 678- 576-8373 ;Cost of the – 400 $ /student/ month


Classroom Talk Show

We will send a director to the classroom to help your students produce a televised ‘show and tell’ for the classroom. This may also work as a ‘Video Yearbook’ for the whole school.

Age Group – 9 to 14 Year olds

Length of the Programme –  This is a one time show ,  2 – 3 days in a week . A total of 6-7  hr day .

Location – Atlanta, Ga

Minimum – 2 classes.

  • Students will choose a topic – Bathroom rules or  Cafeteria  Food. This can be made into a fun script or a news story -the genre will depend on the students.
  • Students with be the interviewers and will interview teachers.
  • Set Designers and prop artists will design in the library or the gym.
  •  All of the students will have a chance to be interviewed by one of the student talk show hosts (teachers may also join in).
  • In addition we will have time for two or three small student performances or demonstrations (3-4 minutes).
  • A edited video will be provided to the school.

Students will Learn

  • Teaming up
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Pre-Production
  • Lighting and Basic Camera Techniques
  • Delegating and Ownership of responsibilities
  • Interview Techniques

The videos will be uploaded to the school channel .  The class room show can be used for various purposes a vido dairy ora communicative tool between parents, faculty and students.

To discuss cost call at 6785768373.

**Basic Editing schools can be taught in the schools where students learn to create their own videos but this can be developed into a separate curriculum.