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HERE’S WHAT I’M ALL ABOUTMohua Thakurta / Film camps/ Online Instructor

How do I spend my time?

Reading books 10%

Creating Tutorials | Videos 30%

Building Online Businesses 20%

Running 10%

Cooking from scratch 10%

Being with my family 20 %

I am educator, filmmaker and editor.I love to run and I am passionate about being fit. I like to read and engage in meaningful conversations. I love traveling around the globe and experiencing different cuisines and culture. I like to share stories through the world of cinema and video.I strive for simplicity . I am Mohua Thakurta and I enjoy being alive.


We’ll start with 2001 when I moved to United states . I graduated with my MFA from Georgia State University . Prior to that I had hundreds of great experiences working in Television, Commercials and Feature Films in India. While traveling the world and working on Film sets became a passion , I soon realized that in the real world having a family with the love of your life and being on film sets does not necessarily work well .I had to change few things . I had to give up working on production sets and concentrated on something more stable and local.

After graduation, I worked for various jobs as editor and assisting around short film productions in Atlanta . Along came 2 kids and it became harder to get back on the set. I did freelance work. I edited documentaries and started working as an Adjunct faculty member in a local college.

While I was doing what I enjoyed – making videos and Teaching – I didn’t feel like I was actually thriving. I realized the shortcomings of the education system and the huge loans students have to undertake to get an Arts Degree and I was no longer happy with my job. I also realized that most of the students just land up in Arts degree without really realizing if they want to pursue it or not .

Something had to change.

If I was going to be successful and change something in the education world where students still can follow their passion but not undertake loans for thousands of dollars, I would have to do it things differently. I started to follow inspirational bloggers Pat Flynn. These guys helped get me start my online venture where I can discuss and talk about how to balance .

I created MYFILMCAMP on YouTube as a place to share and connect with the world tutorials and strategies to create stories and films. The workshops for creating your own videos for small business owners and non profits  are an excellent way to work with me in person. I will teach you the steps to create your own videos or you can hire me to create videos for you. I can also do filmmaking camps with your kids to create videos and short films for youtube .

I have two of my own kids, so I thoroughly enjoy having hands on experience .  Listening , collaborating  young creative minds and see them build,create and tell a story every time amazes me.  During our recent Europe trip, I gave a camera to both of my kids and my 6 year old has this shaky video of a long 9 minute ferry ride on lake Luzerene , so yes I wanted him to stop the camera every few minutes but he did not. The video is one of my favorite because we all forgot about the camera after 2-3 minutes into filming and our whole family interaction is very documentary like where the camera is the only author unedited.

Teaching Online Courses allows me to share my knowledge with people, but also to have the freedom to work on projects I love and earn enough money to thrive. Please feel to Contact me if you need any information on my Camps, Online Classes or After School Programme

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