My Mission

I teach small business owners ,educators ,students

the steps for building engaging online video content,

short films, creating online training courses and camps.

Explore with Us


Year Round 1 to 4 week  Camps are offered to students around the Atlanta area.

Students learn to create a 3-5 video piece all by themselves.

Work with Me

Interested in hiring me to do your video work?

I can create, edit or work with a team on  any type of video piece.

After School Programme

Learn to make your own movie after school .

Tell a story, capture and edit it . Publish your video on You Tube and Vimeo.

Enroll in an online Classes

Interested in Taking one of my online Courses?

Join other students who have learned new skills through my online courses.


Free Cheat Sheet

How to Create Corporate Videos in 5 days - A step By step guide


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