My Mission

I create and teach small business owners ,non profits,students

the steps for building engaging video content.

Explore with Us


Year Round 1 to 4 week  Camps are offered to students around the Atlanta area.

Students learn to create a 3-5 minute video piece .

Work with Me

Interested in hiring me to do your video work?

Non Profits, Individuals and Small business owners : When you hire me you get an entire team who is working on all aspects of your video

One on One Consultation

Learn to make your own videos, tutorials and other video production needs .

I will walk you through the process,guide and mentor you to create your own videos .

Latest on the Blog

What are the three most important to know about film school?

Film School is just like any other high school, college, or university. You have boring lectures, homework assignments, and group projects with people that you probably don’t want to work with, but when you’re in film school, you can’t escape groups. When it comes to film school, there are few aspects of it that you […]

Three essential videos that all small businesses need

Brand Video This video is about your business’s brand. The mission, message, tone, and style should all be cohesive in your brand. If the business is controlled by one person or if they’re the face of the business, then that person should tell the story of how they started to where they are now. The […]

How can small businesses create content on a dime?

You may not be a big company like  Coca-Cola or Apple, but you can create great videos like they do without needing a big production budget. Here are some helpful tips on how to create great videos without having a great budget. Creating videos explaining  products or services can help the audience understand the product. […]

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